[Serverless architecture #3] Deploying Gatsby / Strapi with Live preview capability using a serverless architecture

Strapi + Gatsby (Live preview) with Azure Container Instances


  • A Content Management System (CMS) using Strapi.
  • A public facing front end application using Gatsby.
  • A web analytics tool to measure the behavior of users on our website using Umami.



Architecture of the solution
  • An ACR to handle our private Docker container images
  • A storage account using a file share for our database (SQLite) and a storage container for our media.
  • An ACI containing our running instance of Strapi served by a reversed proxy (Caddy).
  • An ACI containing a running instance of Gatsby in “develop” mode, also served by a reversed proxy (Caddy).
  • A powershell Azure Function that triggers the start/stop of our ACIs

Live Preview

  • Our Strapi webhook sends a POST request to “https://<your_gatsby_aci_url>/__refresh”
  • Our gatsby-source-graphql is set up with the url to our Strapi GraphQL endpoint, i.e. “https://<your_strapi_aci_url>/graphql”.

User experience

Trying it out

  • Edit variables for Strapi configuration (tokens, keys, secret..) according to your installation
  • Build Strapi and Gatsby docker images along with their deployments to the container registry
  • Convert SQLite database to WAL mode
  • Deploy the Azure Function code to the Function App


Going further



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